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Let's say there's a tree (we'll call it "Tree A"). We cut a branch off that tree and plant it in the ground, that branch takes root and begins to grow. At what point does that planted branch stop being "a piece from Tree A" and become Tree B? Does it EVER become "Tree B"? That newly planted branch would be genetically identical to the tree it was cut from although its' growth would be different as it was exposed to slightly different amounts of wind, rain, sunlight, nutrients, etc.




Tree B would simply be a clone of Tree A…genetically identical but a different organism pretty much the moment you disconnected it from Tree A. Just because two things are genetically identical does not make them the same organism (see Jack and Finn Harries.)

Also, a genetically identical tree wouldn’t look the same as another tree as the shape of the tree is determined by environmental, not genetic, factors (as you say.)

So baby groot isn’t the same as original groot then, unless there is alien magic at work

This has also been something of a mystery to me. Like, Groot keeps his memories and consciousness when he’s regrown from a sprig…does that mean you have to find THE PERFECT RIGHT SPRIG that contains all of his Grootness? (This doesn’t seem to be the case if you’ve read the comics.) 

But if that isn’t the case then, theoretically, you could regrow infinite Groots and make a whole Groot army…



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